How to Track Calls from Facebook Ads with the Conversions API


How to Track Calls from Facebook Ads with the Conversions API

Facebook gives you the ability to track conversions that happened on Ringba into Facebook Ads using through their Conversions API.

In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to set up and track your Ringba calls with FB Ads.

đź“‹ Requirements

Before you get started, it required that you have a Facebook Business Manager account and you need to have a Ringba number pool running on the landing page you want to track calls from.

✨ Example Flow

– Set up your Ringba Number Pool and add the script to your site
– Set up the Facebook Pixel, add the tracking script to your site, and connect it to your campaign or ad.
– Add the Ringba script that grabs the Facebook Cookies.
– Set up your Offline Event API and send the test event.
– Create the Conversion on Facebook.
– Set up the pixel on Ringba to trigger the Offline Conversion.

⚙️ Setup Guide

Setup the Facebook Pixel

1) In your Facebook business account, go to your “Events Manager” page.

2) Click on “Connect Data Sources”.

3) Select the option “Web”.

4) Select the option “Facebook Pixel”.

5) Complete the form with the name of your pixel.

6) Select the option “Install Code Manually”.

7) Copy the code and install it in your website following Facebook Instructions then click on “Continue”.

Note: If you want to use the conversions API that is mentioned above you will need to also add the number pools script to your site and the following code snippet. This will extract the FBP & FBC from the pixel cookie and pass it to Ringba to increase the matching.

Paste the code below on the <HEAD> section, right below Ringba number pool script.

8) Click on continue, since the “Advanced Matching” setting is not needed for now.

Note: Make sure the pixel is linked to your ads like the example below.

Using the Facebook Conversion API

1) In your Facebook business account, go to your “Events Manager” page.

2) Click on “Connect Data Sources”.

3) Select the option “Web”.

4) Then select the option “Conversions API”.

5) Name your new Conversions API Setup. We recommend adding Ringba to the name to make it easy to review, test, and optimize in the future.

6) Select the option “Manually Implement API”.

7) Select a Pixel to link to the Conversions API.

8) Select or Create an App. If you need to create a new one, create it in live mode. We also recommend adding Ringba to the name to keep everything consistent.

9) Select or Create a new System user.

10) Generate and copy the API access token (Note: This step is very important).

11) Once you have copied the API token, you will need to configure your Conversions API by doing a test request.

12) The Pixel ID can be obtained by copying it from conversions API you just set up, it’s under “Settings” and the token is the one mentioned previously.

13) Under the Test Events tab, go to “Test Server Events” to check the event code.

It is a POST request:{API_VERSION}/{PIXEL_ID}/events?access_token={TOKEN}

14) Once you made the test request you should be able to see it under Test Events.

Configure Custom Conversions for Campaign Optimization

1) In your Facebook business account, go to your “Events Manager” page and select the option “Create Custom Conversion”.

2) Complete the fields given and choose the conversion event you set up in your test of the Conversion API.

3) Once you completed the form you will be able to go to Business Settings by clicking on the link as highlighted below.

14) It’s also possible to link the conversion event to assets in your Business Manager account.

Integrate Your Setup with Ringba

Once the Facebook setup is complete, you just need to add a POST pixel on the Ringba campaign. It should look like this:

You can optimize the pixel by changing the Trigger Event and adding Tag Filters to make it fit your needs.

Use the following information to set up your pixel on Ringba (Note: Remember to replace the values API_VERSION, PIXEL_ID & TOKEN).

POST URL:{API_VERSION}/{PIXEL_ID}/events?access_token={TOKEN}
Content Type: Application/json

âť” FAQs

If you still have questions about Facebook pixels set up, please contact our chat support team to get personalized support from Ringba engineers.

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