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Target groups can be added by using the ‘Targets’ option on the main menu, or directly inside the campaign creation wizard.

Once a target group is added to the system, you can assign and remove them from your campaign routing plans by editing your campaigns. Target groups can be added to one or numerous campaigns.

Note: When adding target groups to multiple campaigns, you will be unable to sort data sent back to Ringba webhooks by campaign unless you’re passing the unique call ID for every return value.

When adding a Target Group, the following options are available:

  • Name
  • Override Settings
  • Simuldial
  • Delay Conversions
  • Select Target


Your group’s name will be used around the platform to identify this target. We suggest using short target names so they are easily recognizable on the dashboard and other places where they may be cut off.

Override Settings
Enabling the override will give you the option to configure your groups as a whole instead of using the underlying target’s settings. Once you activate the override, a new set of target settings will appear and will take over control of any target you add to the group.

This is useful if you are managing concurrency across numerous queues at the same target. For instance, if your partner is handling calls on 3 different campaigns and 3 different queues, a target group can be used to manage the concurrency across all of the queues at the same time.

Targets will still operate under their own independent settings if added to campaigns outside of the group, but when you add the group to a campaign, the group’s settings take precedence.

This feature will attempt to dial every target in the group at once and connect your call to the target that answers first. By driving your calls to the next eligible available target you can ensure the lowest connection and hold times for your calls.

A great way to use this feature is to add a few targets, enable simuldial, and leave the override off. This way your targets will operate via their native settings, but still give you the opportunity to connect using simuldial.

Delay Conversions
Delay your conversions by a specific period of time in seconds to allow for delays in call connection and conversion tracking in your partner’s systems. If your partners can only track conversions after a call is connected, there may need to be a delay of a few seconds to allow for that connection time before firing their pixels.

Select Target
To add a target to your group, select a previously made target from your list and click add. A grid will appear with a list of targets in the group. To remove a target from your group, click the ‘X’ icon.

You are able to add as many targets to your group as you’d like.

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