Call Details



Call details provides granular information about every call received into your account.

You can export data anytime by clicking the ‘Export CSV’ or ‘Export XLSX’ buttons on the upper right hand corner of the page. Please keep in mind that this export may take longer than others as the full set of information is exported for all available pages.


Call Details Reporting

When viewing call details, you have access to the following information:

  • “Call Date” – Date and time of the call origination.
  • “Campaign” – Campaign responsible for the call.
  • “Publisher” – Publisher that generated the call.
  • “Pool” – Number pool name responsible for the call.
  • “Inbound #” – User’s inbound Caller ID (Phone number)
  • “Dialed #” – Number the use called.
  • “TTCall” – Time the user took to dial a number pool number.
  • “Dupe” – Yes or no identifier for whether the call was a duplicate.
  • “TTConnect” – Time required to connect call to your target.
  • “Target” – Target that accepted the call.
  • “Revenue” – Amount of revenue generated by the call.
  • “Payout” – Amount credited as a payout to your publisher.
  • “Length” – Total length of the call.
  • “Recording” – Call recording playback controls.


Additional Call Details

To view more information about the calls, click the “+” next to the call you are interested in and details will expand.


“Event Count” –
“Dt Stamp” –
“Campaign Name” –
“Publisher Name” –
“Publisher ID” –
“Number Pool Name” –
“Number Pool ID” –
“Inbound Phone Number” –
“Inbound Caller ID” –
“Number” –
“Time to Call in Seconds” –
“Account ID” –
“Previous Call ID” –
“Previous Call Date Time” –
“Previous Call Target Name” –
“Time To Connect” –
“Call Connection Dt” –
“Target Name” –
“Target ID” –
“Conversion Amount” –
“Payout Amount” –
“Call Length in Seconds” –
“Call Completed Dt” –
“Recording URL” –



“Publisher ID” – Ringba publisher identification code.

Call Info
“Blocked Reason” – The reason a call was blocked.
“Error Message” – Error message created by a call.
“Recording URL” – The URL of the call recording.

Connection Info
“Autonomous Name” – ISP Name associated with registered ASN.
“Autonomous System Number (ASN)” – Number assigned to an ISP for their IP address registration.
“ISP Name” – Name of an Internet Service Provider a user subscribes to.
“ISP Organization Name” – Registered legal name of an ISP.

“Available Height” – User’s maximum available browser height.
“Available Width” – User’s maximum available browser width.
“Color Depth” – User’s available color pallet in bits.
“Screen Height” – Pixel height of a user’s current screen resolution.
“Pixel Depth” – User’s available pixel colors in bits.
“Screen Width” – Pixel width of a user’s current screen resolution.

From Geo – Non-number pool calls
“From City” – Organize calls by city of origination.
“From Country” – Organize calls by country of origination.
“From State” – Organize calls by state of origination.
“From Zip Code” – Organize calls by zip code of origination.

“City” – User’s city.
“Country” – User’s country.
“Country Code” – User’s two character country code.
“Longitude” – User’s estimated longitude.
“Latitude” – User’s estimated latitude.
“State” – User’s state or region name.
“State Abbreviation” – User’s two character state abbreviation.
“Zip Code” – User’s zip code.

Placement Info
“Placement ID” – Placement ID is a unique identifier, automatically attributed to each ad placement you create.

“Referer” – User’s referring URL for number pool campaigns.

Request Info
“Landing Page” – URL of the landing page where Ringba JS is placed.
“Referring URL” – Referring URL of the user visiting your landing page.

“Browser” – User’s browser type.
“Browser Version” – User’s browser family.
“IP Address” – User’s IP address.
“User Agent” – User’s browser’s user agent string.

To Geo
“To City” – Organize by termination city.
“To Country” – Organize by termination country.
“To State” – Organize by termination state.
“To Zip Code” – Organize by termination zip code.

User specified URL Tags added during campaign creation, or by adding tags through the main menu ‘URL Tags’ option.



Events only show up if they are applicable to the call you are viewing.

  • “Blocked Call” – Raw details about a blocked call.
  • “Busy Call” – Raw details about the busy target.
  • “Converted Call” – Conversion values credited for a qualified event.
  • “Connected Call” – Raw connected call details.
  • “Completed Call” – Raw Completed call details.

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