Create a Number



Created numbers are immediately available to receive calls and assign to publishers for tracking purposes.

When creating a number, the following options are available:

  • Country
  • Toll-Free
  • Area Code
  • “Contains”
  • Assign Publisher


The country you would like to create a number in.

The toll-free number option only shows up in countries where toll free numbers are available. Selecting this will enable the purchase of a toll free number. Please note that toll free numbers have a higher minute rate than standard local phone numbers.

Area Code – Optional
For the United States and other specific countries you are able to select the area code in which you’d like to create numbers in. This is extremely useful when you are doing locally targeted campaigns as users will see the number and associate it with a local business.

Whenever possible you should locally target your campaigns.

Contains – Optional
This will direct Ringba to search for phone numbers that contain a specific pattern of numbers that you desire. For instance, if you enter 333 and click ‘See Numbers’ you will be given examples of available numbers that Ringba will allocate for you.

If you enter an area code requirement and a custom number requirement, Ringba will try and find numbers that contain both.

Assign Publisher – Optional
Assigning a publisher to a number gives them the ability to track their calls

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