Dashboard Overview



Your dashboard provides real-time visibility of information to monitor your business, look for opportunities, and keep track of productivity.

The top menu bar and 4 widgets make up the current dashboard:

  • [wp-svg-icons custom_icon=”glyph278″ wrap=”i” size=”25px”]  Menu toggle – When pressed this icon reduces the main menu to icons.
  •  Live Call Counter – The current number of live calls across all campaigns
  •   Completed Call Counter – Total number of completed calls across all campaigns.

[wp-svg-icons custom_icon=”glyph67″ wrap=”i”]  Performance Summary

The performance summary is a 7 day overview of your aggregated statistics for all of your publishers, targets and campaigns.

If you click any of the grid statistics, the chart will automatically update to the hourly breakdown of those stats for the respective day. The highlighted statistic is the chart’s current selection.

Hovering over the chart will display an overlay with the selected hourly stats for each ‘dot’.

If you would like to save or print your current chart, click the icon in the upper right corner of the chart panel. You can download the chart in PNG, JPEG, PDF, and SVG format.

Learn more about the Performance Summary Widget.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”trophy” wrap=”i”]  Top Performers

The top performers widget contains data about your most productive partners and campaigns. The data ranked by the number of inbound calls for publishers, received calls for targets, and gross calls for campaigns.

Learn more about the Top Performers Widget.

[wp-svg-icons custom_icon=”glyph119″ wrap=”i”]  Campaigns

The campaigns widget gives you fast access to campaign data and configuration. Having easy access to your default numbers, configurations and campaign IDs on the dashboard reduces the time it takes to manage your business.

Learn more about the Campaigns Widget.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”radio-checked” wrap=”i”]  Targets

The targets widget is a real-time display of live calls, which target they’re connected to, the hourly volume, and the current status of the targets.

Learn more about the Targets Widget.

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