Full List of Reporting Tags

December 11, 2017

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Publisher ID” – Ringba publisher identification code.


Call Info

“Blocked Reason” – The reason a call was blocked.
“Error Message” – Error message created by a call.
“Recording URL” – The URL of the call recording.


Connection Info

“Autonomous Name” – ISP Name associated with registered ASN.
“Autonomous System Number (ASN)” – Number assigned to an ISP for their IP address registration.
“ISP Name” – Name of an Internet Service Provider a user subscribes to.
“ISP Organization Name” – Registered legal name of an ISP.



“Available Height” – User’s maximum available browser height.
“Available Width” – User’s maximum available browser width.
“Color Depth” – User’s available color pallet in bits.
“Screen Height” – Pixel height of a user’s current screen resolution.
“Pixel Depth” – User’s available pixel colors in bits.
“Screen Width” – Pixel width of a user’s current screen resolution.


From Geo – Non-number pool calls

“From City” – Organize calls by city of origination.
“From Country” – Organize calls by country of origination.
“From State” – Organize calls by state of origination.
“From Zip Code” – Organize calls by zip code of origination.



“City” – User’s city.
“Country” – User’s country.
“Country Code” – User’s two character country code.
“Longitude” – User’s estimated longitude.
“Latitude” – User’s estimated latitude.
“State” – User’s state or region name.
“State Abbreviation” – User’s two character state abbreviation.
“Zip Code” – User’s zip code.


Placement Info

“Placement ID” – Placement ID is a unique identifier, automatically attributed to each ad placement you create.



“Referrer” – User’s referring URL for number pool campaigns.


Request Info

“Landing Page” – URL of the landing page where Ringba JS is placed.
“Referring URL” – Referring URL of the user visiting your landing page.



“Browser” – User’s browser type.
“Browser Version” – User’s browser family.
“IP Address” – User’s IP address.
“User Agent” – User’s browser’s user agent string.


To Geo

“To City” – Organize by termination city.
“To Country” – Organize by termination country.
“To State” – Organize by termination state.
“To Zip Code” – Organize by termination zip code.



User specified URL Tags added during campaign creation, or by adding tags through the main menu ‘URL Tags’ option.

Last Updated: December 11, 2017

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