Integrations Overview



Ringba is built to work with any third party software or other tracking platforms to seamlessly integrate into your workflows.



Using postback pixels you are able to send conversion data to your publishers, partners, any tracking platform or marketing software by configuring your Ringba campaigns to utilize our easy to manage pixels. Pixels can be configured by event, publisher or campaign.

For more information, follow our Pixel Integration Guide.



Webhooks allow you to pass performance data back into Ringba after a sale or conversion event happens. By passing sale data into our system you can better optimize your call flows and route calls based on performance.

For more information, follow our Webhook Integration Guide.


Landing Pages / Websites

Dynamic number pools are designed to track specific information about users that can be used to optimize your campaigns for increased return on investment. This type of integration involves adding Ringba JavaScript code onto your landing pages and websites to give Ringba control over which users see what numbers.

For more information, follow our Basic JavaScript Integration Guide or our Advanced JavaScript Integration Guide.

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