Numbers Overview



The numbers section is for managing all of your campaign, partner, and number pool phone numbers. Every phone number in Ringba can be configured individually, or as a group we refer to as a ‘Number Pool’.

Numbers can be displayed on any type of static advertisement, offline or online, to track a specific segment of callers. For instance if your company has 3 billboards, a monthly mailer, an email newsletter, a Google listing, and a website, you would generate a unique phone number for each and place them appropriately.

Having a unique phone number for every channel allows you to track the overall productivity of each call stream, giving you insights into what types of advertising are working and which aren’t.


Number Pools Overview

Number pools are for tracking detailed information about online advertising campaigns and attributing your calls to specific segments of users allowing you to optimize your call flow just like traditional click tracking. We suggest using number pools with all Search, CPC, Display, Contextual, Pop, CPV and any other type of advertising that is able to pass you keyword or demographic information about your clicks.

We also capture user agent and referring data for any Ringba JS tag so you can also use them to attribute calls to SEO, content promotion, and other types of organic or viral marketing campaigns.


How Number Pools Work

Number pools work by placing the Ringba JavaScript tag on your websites and landing pages to display unique phone numbers to every user. When a user comes to your page, Ringba will select an available phone number from the pool and locks it to that user’s browser session for a set amount of time, until they become idle, close the browser, or leave the page. All of these options are configurable when you create your number pool and can be adjusted anytime.

When a user picks up the phone and calls the number, Ringba attributes that call to the user’s session information giving you detailed tracking information about the source of the user so you can optimize your campaigns.

Google AdWords Example: If you are buying clicks from Google Adwords, you can pass Google’s keyword data to your page in a URL variable and instruct Ringba to track that keyword with the displayed phone number using a URL tag.

When the user calls, you now know which keyword generated the call and can fire a conversion pixel off to your click tracking platform or back to AdWords with the keyword to close the loop.

Ringba tracks all number pool impression data whether a user calls or doesn’t. This allows you to view reports based on keywords and other criteria to see who did call, who didn’t call, and adjust your advertising campaign targeting accordingly.

Facebook Ads Example: If you are buying clicks from Facebook you have access to a rich pool of demographic information to target by. When creating your ads, you can pass the configured demographics and identifiers for your ads back into Ringba to see how they perform.

For instance if you are testing 5 advertisements with 5 images, you can tag each ad with a URL variable and have Ringba track it, giving you specific insights into which ads are generating calls. You can also pass gender, age, and other demographic information back to Ringba for more details insights into your calls and what’s causing them.

Using a conversion pixel you can then send your conversion data back to facebook closing the loop and giving you detailed information about your entire campaign.

All of the data Ringba captures about your users is available in the reporting interface for detailed grouping and sorting to drill into the specific details that are driving user behavior.

Ringba’s dynamic number pool tracking will help you significantly improve your advertising return on investment when used effectively.

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