Performance Summary



The Performance Summary is a dashboard widget with a 7 day summary of your overall call statistics aggregated into a complete business overview.

Total number of impressions generated by Ringba JavaScript tags for your entire account.

Inbound Calls
Total number of inbound calls generated by your entire account.

Connected Calls
Total number of calls connected to targets by your entire account.

Completed Calls
Total number of calls completed by your entire account.

Total number of calls that met criteria to be counted as a conversion across your entire account.

Avg Call Length (Average Call Length)
The average length of all calls throughout your account. This is calculated by taking the total number of seconds divided by the total number of connected calls. Example: 1,000 minutes / 100 calls = ACL of 10 minutes.

Busy Targets
Number of calls to targets where the target returned a busy signal.

Gross revenue generated by all campaigns in your account.

Gross payout for all publishers generating calls throughout your account.

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