If you would like to send information to another platform or service, you will want to add a conversion pixel that gets triggered when a call becomes a qualified conversion. Ringba will “fire” the pixel and pass whatever information you need into the third party by activating your pixel URL and dynamically inserting whatever data you choose.

Note: Ringba supports both http and https postback pixels.

There 3 options where configuring your pixels:


1. “Fire On” is the event that will cause the pixel to trigger.

Answered – Fire when a call is answered by a target.
Incoming – Fire immediately when a user dials your number.
Completed – Fire when a call is completed and the caller hangs up.
Converted – Fire when a call has converted.


2. “Base URL” is the static URL portion of your pixel without a ‘?’.

Correct Example:

Incorrect Example:


3. “URL Tag” is the URL string or variable name that you want data passed to.

Example:  In the following URL “keyword” is a URL Tag:

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