Platform Introduction



Ringba is an advanced call tracking and routing platform designed to give you complete control over your call marketing and significantly improve your return on investment.

Using our software you can track the sources of calls, see detailed information about callers generated from online marketing, manage your product’s affiliate marketing programs, control call flow into your contact center and run an entire pay per call network.

Why we built Ringba

When our team started building Ringba we decided not to sell it as a service until we made millions of dollars using it. We spent a year optimizing the platform and process to give us the best tools possible to increase our return on investment and scale our call business. Since then we have opened massive contact centers on multiple continents to handle the volumes of calls we were able to generate, track, optimize and make profitable.

Having our own call center infrastructure gives us in-depth insights into the industry and allows us to test and perfect our features before releasing them.

We’re excited to share what we’ve learned and help your business use our software to grow. At any time if you need assistance we encourage you to reach out to our team. We chose never to have contracts to guarantee we’re engaged with our clients and do whatever it takes to help their businesses thrive.

What can Ringba do?

  • Track the source of inbound calls.
  • Learn detailed information about your users opening doors to new opportunities.
  • Optimize and improve your advertising ROI.
  • Create new ways to generate business.
  • Reduce abandons and wasted opportunities.
  • Manage call flow for multiple locations anywhere in the world.
  • Manage compliance and regulations.

Who should use Ringba?

  • Affiliate Networks
  • Call Centers
  • eCommerce Vendors
  • Large Businesses
  • Marketing Teams
  • Performance Marketers
  • Small Businesses
  • TV Advertisers

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