Platform Overview



Ringba is a versatile platform that can be used to manage different call streams, use cases, and applications at the same time.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Ringba’s reporting is available throughout the site to give you immediate access to critical information you can use to make decisions about your click and call streams. We aggregate as much data as possible about the people who call, and those who don’t, to give you mission critical access to optimization data you won’t find anywhere else.

Our numerous reporting interfaces let you quickly drill in and sort all of your data streams to gain actionable insights into all of your partners and campaigns.

Call Attribution

By using our number placement tags on your websites and landing pages for publishers, static numbers and dynamic number pools, Ringba will track and attribute calls to any and all available data giving you a rich understanding of your users and traffic sources. The data collection process is simple, automated, and entirely configurable to your specifications. Easily pass your data back to your marketing automation platforms, tracking services, or back to your clients.

With access to our powerful attribution data, you can virtually eliminate non-compliant partners and traffic sources. Give your clients peace of mind with verifiable compliance information pro-actively protecting their brand and establishing long term partnerships.

Intelligent Call Routing

Inside Ringba the partner that receives or buys calls is referred to as a “Target”. When configuring campaigns in our system you have the ability to add specific targets and target groups, prioritize the routing, cap volume with extremely flexible time tables and restrictions, route calls by user data such as device, location, ISP, browser, referring website, landing page, caller ID information, and most importantly Target performance.

Using target configuration in combination with information grabbed by our system (URL Tags), you can generate routing plans that put your callers in the most profitable place at the most profitable time.

Number Pooling

By using a group of numbers Ringba is able to track specific information about every user that visits your website or landing page. In our system we call groups of numbers used for tracking “Number Pools”. These pools are activated by a simple to use tag that is placed on your website.

Ringba is able to manage pools of toll free or localized phone numbers in over 80 countries giving you the flexibility to run and optimize your campaigns in the most profitable way, almost anywhere.

Publisher Tracking & Management

Partnerships are an important part of any business and Ringba is designed to give your partners the same level of insights. Our publisher accounts give your clients the same detailed and granular access to data as you, giving them the ability to use Ringba to optimize their campaigns at a level they’ve never experienced before in a partnership portal.

Giving your partner’s access to this level of data allows them to streamline their business and increase their ROI without your intervention, adding a longer lifecycle to your campaigns and arming you with a competitive edge.

The reporting interface lets you view your publisher activity, track revenue, revshare, payouts, conversions and export all of your data to properly manager your payables.

Call Center / Buyer Load Balancing – “Targets”

Managing a call center is a complicated process of feast or famine. Ringba was specifically designed with these challenges in mind, allowing for dynamic routing plans for your campaigns based on schedule, concurrency, volume caps, productivity, and performance. Virtually eliminate abandons by monitoring your available agents and automatically route your overflow to call buyers and marketplaces to reclaim lost revenue.

Our system can monitor groups of agents across numerous campaigns making sure to never overload your team and gives you the flexibility to adjust your concurrency in real-time. Arm your team leaders and floor managers today with the ability to help maximize your revenues and stop wasting calls now.

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