Reporting Overview



Ringba’s reporting interface has the flexibility to group and sort your data by whatever metrics are most important to your campaigns’ success.

The interface is broken into 3 panels:



The charting panel is configurable by using the options on the top bar to select, sort, and reorganize the data that the chart represents.

There are also controls to show, hide, and refresh the data for the entire page located on the upper right section of the control bar.
Adding a filter groups all of the information in the reporting interface by specific publishers, campaigns, targets, data types, and other criteria. When adding a filter, the entire reporting interface adjusts to show the correct information. To remove a filter, click the “X” on the filter bubble.

See more detailed information on Charting Configuration.



This section of the reporting interface displays filtered and aggregated statistics. The top bar includes the most popular filters, and a drop down menu for selecting more detailed ‘Tags’.

Tags allow you to group and sort by specific user data. Drilling deeper into the causes of conversions and which segments of users are the most profitable for your business.

We strongly suggest taking the time to explore the ‘Tag’ sorted data for users acquired with dynamic number pools. The user’s Browser, OS, ISP, Geographic and other data sets give you integral information that can be applied to media buying and campaign optimization.

See more detailed information on Call Reports.


Call Details

The call details report contains specific information about every call that happened within your filters.

By clicking the “+” icon next to a row, you will see detailed information about the call, caller, targets, tags and everything else associated with the record.

The detail report also provides easy access to recordings, download URLs for recording files, and other data that is important for compliance.

See more detailed information on Call Details Reports.

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