Targets Overview



Targets are the receiving party of any calls routed with Ringba. A typical call flow starts with a call generated by you or a publisher, and ends with a target accepting and answering the call. A target is defined by an inbound phone number or SIP address.

Target groups are for call centers, call buyers, and partners who have multiple queues, campaigns, or inbound numbers. Using a target group, you can make sure that your partners are not overwhelmed while accepting calls from numerous sources by configuring operational hours, concurrency and volume caps spread across multiple targets.

Note: ‘Concurrency‘ refers to the number of simultaneous live calls a target can handle, and any type of ‘cap’ is the maximum amount in the configured timeframe.

All Ringba targets and target groups allow you to configure hours of operation, call volume caps, and concurrency caps into every routing plan.

Adding a target or target group can be done inside of the campaign creation wizard, or by going directly to the ‘Targets’ main menu option.

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