Targets Widget



The Targets widget is an automatically updating real-time overview of your current call flow. We suggest sorting by ‘Live’ calls so your targets list reorders as your call flow changes, giving you an accurate depiction of your call routes as they change.

The gear menu icon lets you customize the columns that are shown in this view, column headers are sortable, and you can drag and drop column headers to reorganize the table. Your preferences are sticky and will remain until you choose to modify them again.

The name of the target.

Current number of calls connected to the target.

Number of calls connected to the target in the last hour.

[wp-svg-icons custom_icon=”glyph178″ wrap=”i” color=”green”]    – Open and available for calls.
[wp-svg-icons custom_icon=”glyph178″ wrap=”i” color=”orange”]    –  Capped by volume or concurrency.
[wp-svg-icons custom_icon=”glyph178″ wrap=”i” color=”red”]    –  Closed and unavailable for calls.

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