Top Performers Widget



The Top Performers widget contains real-time updates of your top performing publishers, targets and campaigns. Each tab has same columns of data so the following reference guide applies to each tab.

Data is ranked by the number of inbound calls for publishers, received calls for targets, and gross calls for campaigns.

The name of the publisher, target or campaign based on the tab that is currently selected.

Imps. (Impressions)
The total number of impressions generated by dynamic number pools for the row (this column doesn’t apply to the ‘Targets’ tab).

The total number of calls generated by publishers, connected with targets, or promoted for campaigns.

Conv. (Conversions)
The total number of calls that converted.

Rev. (Revenue)
Gross revenue generated by a publisher, target or campaign.

The gross amount of money paid out to publishers for generating calls.

The gross revenue minus the gross payout. Example: $1,000 revenue – $500 payouts = $500 profit.

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