URL Tagging



Using URL Tags with your campaigns allows you to pass information directly into Ringba for reporting and integration with other software platforms. An example of information you may want to pass into Ringba would be an “affiliate ID” or “keyword”.

Passing specific information into Ringba about your users gives you the ability to sort and group by this data in the reporting interface. The more detailed the information passed into our system, the more detailed and flexible our reporting system becomes.

URL Tags that have been previously added to the system can be activated by clicking the link icon: under the actions menu. Once linked to the campaign, Ringba will capture this data using our JavaScript tag placed by you or your publishers.

If you have not created the required URL Tag, click the “New” button. An overlay will appear with two options, the “Name” and “Category” of your tag.

The name is the exact case sensitive text phase associated with the data you wish to pass into the system.

For example, if the URL to your landing page is: http://www.website.com/?keyword=word the URL Tag name to capture the data should be “keyword”. Remember, URL Tag names are caSe SensiTive.

“Affiliate” –
“PlacementInfo” –
“User” –

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