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The Campaigns widget gives you an overview of your current campaign, their status, and basic information needed to configure the integration of your websites and landing pages.

The gear menu icon lets you customize the columns that are shown in this view, column headers are sortable, and you can drag and drop column headers to reorganize the table. Your preferences are sticky and will remain until you choose to modify them again.

The campaigns widget is the same functionality as the ‘View Campaigns’ main menu option under ‘Campaigns’.

The Ringba identification code for your campaign, used in our JS tags. The Campaign ID is the hash following ‘c=’:



Before starting any campaign, it is important to make sure your campaign is completely configured or you may lose calls. When your campaign is ready, you will see a green check mark: . If your campaign has a: your campaign is not completely configured and is not ready to receive calls.

The name of your campaign that is used around the platform. We suggest using a short name if possible. Long campaign names may get cut off on the dashboard or reporting views when viewing large amounts of data.

Campaigns can only be configured for a single country. Numbers are only issued to a campaign from the country that is specified. If you have a campaign that works in two countries, you will need to create two campaigns, one for each specific geographic area.

Total numbers in this campaign’s number pool.

The unformatted default number for this campaign.

The format that Ringba JS will display your phone numbers in. Each ‘n’ will be replaced with the respective number, allowing you to format your phone number however you’d like.

Available Actions

[wp-svg-icons custom_icon=”glyph103″ wrap=”i”]   – Edit Campaign
Click to view or edit all of the settings that apply to a campaign. You can also click the campaign name to edit the settings. Whenever editing a campaign, it’s important to note that your settings will take effect immediately upon saving.

[wp-svg-icons custom_icon=”glyph270″ wrap=”i”]   – Copy Campaign ID
This action copies the Campaign ID automatically to your clipboard. The Campaign ID is useful for configuring your dynamic number pool campaigns, or easily swapping out a campaign without changing pre-installed code.

 [wp-svg-icons custom_icon=”glyph78″ wrap=”i”]   – View Code Snippet
Click to view examples of Ringba JS code for implementation on your websites and landing pages.

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