Webhooks are endpoints that allow you to send data back to Ringba for performance based routing and enhanced reporting. After generating a webhook, you can pass Ringba back data using the Call Token assigned to every call routed from our system with SIP.

Ringba passes a unique token in every SIP header that you can capture and send back via your webhook to pass revenue data into our reporting.

There are 3 options for your webhook that have to be configured.

  1. “Call Token” is the variable where the webhook accepts the unique identifier for the call being reported.
  2. “Revenue Token” is the variable for passing in the revenue generated from this call.
  3. “Fire Pixels” when included in the webhook will cause Ringba to fire the pixels associated with the call being reported.

Example Webhook:

When configuring the webhook in your system, make sure to replace the variables in [brackets] with the dynamic information you would like to pass back into our reporting.

  • Call Token: “callid” = [callUUID] – Unique call ID
  • Revenue Token : “revenue” = [conversionAmount] – The revenue generated from the call.
  • Fire Pixels: “fire=true” – The configured conversion flag.

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