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Maximize the value of every caller with Ringba's game-changing inbound call tracking software.

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Purpose-Built for Competitive Advantage

Ringba was built from the ground up for marketing professionals by industry experts.

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On-Demand Telecommunications

Rapidly expand your campaigns into 60+ countries with on-demand carrier access.

Automated Partner Management

Manage your buyers and sellers with sophisticated routing, capping and financial rules.

Intelligent Call Flow Optimization

Ringba will automatically optimize your call flow to maximize your yield on every call.

Bleeding edge analytics

Exponentially grow your business with the industry's fastest and most advanced reporting system.

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Rapidly Scale Your Business

We leveraged decades of technical and industry experience to build you the perfect suite of tools to grow your business.

Our software tracks every possible detail about your users allowing you to optimize for profit in a previously unobtainable way.

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Built-In Pay Per Call Framework

Buy & Sell Phone Calls

Build your Pay Per Call marketing business with tools made for success.

Compliance Monitoring

Protect your business with passive real-time compliance monitoring.

State of the art reporting

Crush your competition with the industries best reporting.


Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Filter, group, sort, search, and drill into your data how and when you want with immediate results. Our reporting out-performs any competing product on the market.

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Intelligent Call Routing and Targeting

Monitor partner productivity, create dynamic routing plans and connect your callers with the next available agent anywhere in the world.

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Advanced Attribution Tracking Technology

Ringba is the only platform that captures native user data of your callers, allowing your team to optimize ad-spend in a powerful new way.

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Everything You Need to Track Inbound Calls

We know how fast your business moves. Our team pushes weekly feature updates based on client feedback and changes in the market.

Campaign Tracking

Track and monitor your call campaigns with real-time precision analytics.

Number Management

Allocate on-demand toll free and local phone numbers all over the world.

Call Attribution

Attribute traffic sources, keywords, and other data to your calls.

Automated Routing

Create dynamic routing plans to automatically manage your call flow.

Performance Load Balancing

Eliminate abandons, reclaim lost revenue, and sell your best calls to your highest paying buyers.

Advanced Integrations

Integrate Ringba seamlessly with your existing stack for complete visibility.

Robust API

Tap into the entire Ringba platform programmatically. Every feature available.

Live Customer Support

Get live support from industry experts with all the resources needed to help you scale.

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