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Product Update – Release Notes from April 2018

What's New Advanced JS Number Replacement We've updated the Ringba JS tag to be smaller, faster and more robust. Use the Ringba JS tag for Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) to replace phone numbers on your web pages with tracking numbers from your Ringba account. With...

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Paid Traffic for Pay Per Call

One of the most effective methods for driving calls to your campaigns is through buying pay-per-click ads. Running effective ad campaigns is a key component to generating high quality inbound phone calls. Some of the best paid traffic sources for getting calls...

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Copywriting for Pay Per Call Ads

When we talk about ad copy, we are referring to the words and phrases used in advertising and marketing messages. Copywriting is a type of writing for advertising and marketing that primes the user to take action. Effective copy causes people to search through their...

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Generating Calls with Paid Advertising

Buying ad traffic is the best way to immediately begin driving calls to your clients. Digital advertising is a vast landscape with unparalleled targeting options, dozens of ad formats and thousands of different traffic sources. If you’ve never run an ad campaign...

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Tracking Inbound Calls with Ringba

Are you promoting the phone number for your business? If your business connects with customers over the phone, you need to be tracking your inbound calls. With inbound call tracking, businesses and marketers can gain deep granular insights into which sources are...

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Load Balancing for Call Centers

Running a successful call center can be a challenge -- especially if you aren’t using the right tools to power your business and route calls to your live agents. With Ringba’s advanced call routing features, you can keep your agents at maximum capacity; reducing...

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Finding Local Pay Per Call Clients

Selling your Pay Per Call services to local clients allows you to take a higher margin and route overflow traffic to networks and other offers. If you want to make money with Pay Per Call marketing, one of the most valuable strategies you can deploy is to “go direct”...

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What is Pay Per Call?

Pay Per Call is a powerful advertising, billing, and performance marketing model for connecting businesses with inbound customer calls. Similar to other lead gen strategies, Pay Per Call (or PPCall) is a simple way for advertisers to buy and connect to qualified calls...

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How Call Tracking Works

If you are working with inbound calls, you absolutely need to track your calls. Without Call Tracking, you will have insight into how your calls are converting, how to improve your call flow or how to make more money from your calls. Here are just some of the things...

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Introducing Custom IVRs for Call Routing

Our team is proud to release the ability to create Custom IVRs for your call campaigns in Ringba! An IVR or "Interactive-Voice-Response" is an automated system for qualifying callers with prompts and routing them to a destination based on their responses. Now you can...

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