How To Generate Calls for the Top Growing Pay Per Call Verticals


How To Generate Calls for the Top Growing Pay Per Call Verticals

Home Services, Legal and Insurance have been the top trending verticals according to Offer Vault. We’ve seen continued growth in all three verticals, especially in Home Services as it’s dominated the top categories list for months.

Home services can include: Home security systems, Water damage, Roofing, Pest control and HVAC, etc. Legal includes: Personal Injury and Mass Tort. Insurance includes life Home, Auto, Health, Renter’s and Commercial Insurance.

Matthew Zivkovic, the CEO and Founder of Lead Smart, has remained at the top of the Pay Per Call Market Report with a primary focus on Home Services campaigns.

We asked Matt what he saw as being the biggest growth area in Pay Per Call and what traffic sources should people be looking at.

“I think the hottest areas are going to be these essential services, services can’t go without: tax accountants, HVAC, dentist. The greatest traffic sources right now would be ad words with Google, Microsoft ads, social media marketing specifically Facebook, Instagram and depending on if you’re doing B2B Linkedin, and of course, SEO, GMB Google listings. This seems to be were people are making the most money in Pay Per Call right now.”
– Matthew Zivkovic, Lead Smart Founder/CEO

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