Gravie Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Mickey Person, Program Manager at Gravie


Gravie Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Mickey Person, Program Manager at Gravie

It’s time to improve the way people purchase and access healthcare.

Gravie is turning the tables and putting the consumer at the center of the healthcare ecosystem. Gravie’s mission is to improve the way people purchase and access healthcare drives all that we do. They’re committed to creating health benefit solutions that provide coverage people can actually use, offering a better experience along the way.


Mickey Person, Program Manager at Gravie


Can you please introduce yourself?

I’m Mickey person. I am the ICHRA program manager at Gravie.

Can you tell us more about the company?

Yeah. Gravy is a new insurance carrier, as well as a TPA that is bringing a couple health solutions to the marketplace. We have our proprietary level funded group plan that’s very unique to plan designs called comfort. And then we also have a shopping platform and administer ICHRA as the individual coverage, health reimbursement arrangement.

What is your unique solution?

Our comfort plan. It is a first of its kind plan design that covers 100% of the common in-network services for all members. So it’s a value plan that allows employers to give employees a benefit that is beneficial to all their employees, not just the claims, or those with high claims throughout the year.

Can you tell us some history about the company?

Yeah, so Gravy was established in 2013. We really started in the individual health space selling individual policies through our platform to employees and their employers. And then, you know, five or six years ago we brought our level funded proprietary plan and have seen significant growth in the last few years and have really benefited through the partnership with our broker partners and channel partners offering these benefits to their groups.

 Any advice for others in the insurance space?

Always be looking for something new and innovative. Don’t get stuck in what works now, but what is working. I always look to change it. Make it better.

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