Release Notes from April 2018


Release Notes from April 2018

Advanced JS Number Replacement

We’ve updated the Ringba JS tag to be smaller, faster and more robust. Use the Ringba JS tag for Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) to replace phone numbers on your web pages with tracking numbers from your Ringba account. With this new update to Ringba JS, you can now specify which number you want to replace on your page. This is particularly useful if you have multiple phone numbers on a single page that you need to switch with Tracking Numbers from your account.

IVR Tag Routing

Create rules and filters in your IVR Trees to route calls based on dynamic tags. Use the “Router” Node to create “AND” / “OR” rules for even more control over you Call Flow.

Target Tag Routing

Create rules and filters for your Targets for even more control over your call flow.

Upload Audio File

You can now upload audio files in MP3 or WAV format directly to your Ringba account to use in your IVR Trees.

Upload Audio File to Ringba IVR Tree

Improvements & Bugfixes

Sort By CallerID in “Reporting” – The Reporting Dashboard now allows you to sort calls by Inbound Number, this can show you when the same number has called your campaigns multiple times.
Duplicate Calls in “Campaigns” – You now have three options for deciding how to manage duplicate calls; Route normally, Route to original or Route to Different.
Various minor bugfixes, UI tweaks, and optimizations.

News & Announcements

Customer Contact Week
Ringba is going to be exhibiting at Customer Contact Week 2018 in Las Vegas from June 18-22! If you will be attending CCW, let’s meet up and talk about call tracking. Visit our Meet Us page to set up a time to chat with our team.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of latest updates, please do not hesitate to reach out via chat, email or give us a ring at  (877) 944-2937!

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