How-To Use Call To Actions


How-To Use Call To Actions

A “Call To Action” phrase is a command given to the user to achieve a desired outcome. It is important when writing yours that you use specific language directing the user to complete exactly what is needed.

To be a proper call to action your phrase must contain a verb. A verb is a word that describes an action like ‘call’, ‘join’, or ‘click’. If you cannot ‘do’ the task you are asking of the user, it is most likely not going to be an effective call to action.

Call To Action Examples and Phrases

Buy Now
Call Now
Call Us
Click Here
Click Here Now
Click Here to Get Started
Click Here to Join
Click Here to Register
Click Here to Sign Up
Click Here to Start
Click Here to Subscribe
Click to Call
Click to Call Now
Enter Your Email Address
Get Started
Join For Free
Join Now
Need Help? Call Now!
Register for Free
Register Now
Signup for Free
Start Now
Subscribe Now
Tap to Call
Tap to Call Now

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