Nivio Ringba Testimonial Featuring Nicholas DeRegis, Custom Experience Specialist


Nivio Ringba Testimonial Featuring Nicholas DeRegis, Custom Experience Specialist

Find out why the team at Nivio loves using the Ringba platform to grow their business and provide value to their clients.

Nivio helps companies of all sizes increase sales and drive revenue growth with perfectly crafted customer experiences, highly-trained sales agents, and state-of-the-art technology.


Nicholas DeRegis, Custom Experience Specialist


Can you please introduce yourself and what do you think about Ringba?

Hello, my name is Nick DeRegis I have used Ringba now since 2016, 2017. It’s done a lot for not only the companies I’m with now, but the companies I’ve been with before. In regards to any type of call tracking call routing, its the most simple platform we’ve ever used. Again I really got involved in this space, I’ve used about eight different dialers now inside of just a call center, contact center space overall, and every single one that I’ve used has integrated with Ringba, and its been very fluent, and  very efficient, and very easy for myself and our team to use.

When it comes to working with Ringba and the team, very, very, very smooth, the onboard process is always smooth, the training process is very smooth. The reps and the support, anytime we need anything done its a quick message to them, if not, the resources that they provide to train alone?…The founders did, Adam really did a great job putting, I dont know thirty hours or so just himself into putting together a training resource not only for myself, but for my team. And I really couldn’t be more grateful for that


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