Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Steven Johnson, Founder and Head of Product at Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Steven Johnson, Founder and Head of Product at builds products that extend the functionality of your existing policy systems so you can engage with your customers. strives to provide best-in-class service and support for their products and partners. monitors server performance, optimizes data, and is constantly making sure that every client’s experience is the best. never stops working to make sure their platforms are making you money.


Steven Johnson, Founder and Head of Product at


Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Steve Johnson and I’m with I’m the founder and head of products. And what we do is basically customer engagement as a service. So we have an out of the box solution for insured portal IVR mobile web texts to pay outbound notifications for retention. We control basically the bubble where insured interacts with their insurance carrier. We can provide that as a SAS platform that’s super quick and easy to deploy on top of any core system, any line of business, any payment processor. We’re very non disruptive to any kind of internal process. Our goal is to deploy quickly and easily to give a really good insured experience at the other end.

Can you tell us some history about the company?

So our company has been around for a little over a decade. We started in 2010 as Tundra Logic, which was a professional services company in 2019. We decided that professional services was a terrible way to make money, and we pivoted the software platform we had built over that time into insured IO launching that in 2019 and have been running ever since.

What is your unique solution?

We’re unique because one, we’re very non disruptive to core business processes. So when we talk about digital transformation, digital transformation is a scary prospect. It seems like it’s going to upend all of your internal software, your business processes. We can do that digital transformation for you from the insured side without changing anything internally at all means what’s working for you can still continue to work long term, and the insured experience that you give can be the same as a modern, high tech insurance company, and you could still be running an AS 400 system behind the scenes. For all anybody knows.

 Any advice for others in the insurance space?

I think that the advice that I have is stop freaking out about reinventing the wheel right now. That’s the biggest thing I see everybody saying that they have to upend all of their processes because they see all these new insure-techs that are out there. Ultimately, you don’t have to reinvent yourself as a company. You can take minor steps to change both your insured experience or your agent experience, and you don’t have to nuke all of your internal processes in order to do that. There is still a way, as an insurance company, a mutual that’s been around for 100 years. You can still look just as cool as any of these new insure-techs that are out now.

What was your business experience during covid-19?

Business during COVID was actually fairly good for us as we do customer engagement online. There was a very heavy move towards online servicing and self-service, so we did pretty well out of the whole thing. I hate to say it, but it was it was good.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We’re if you want to learn more about customer engagement and how we can help with that. Stop by our booth at 3167.

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