Safe Select Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Tyler Adair, TAM at Customer Dynamics


Safe Select Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Tyler Adair, TAM at Customer Dynamics

Meet TCPA and Florida Robocall compliance requirements with Safe Select!

Safe Select is designed specifically for customers who need powerful and compliant functionality and performance. With Safe Select you have more compliance options and flexibility, which means you’re in control. Safely.

Tyler Adair, Principal TAM at Customer Dynamics


Can you tell us about the company?

So Customer Dynamics is the name of the company. What we’re headlining here is Safe Select and Safe Select’s purpose is really to be a fully compliant outbound solution, really related to TCPA, the Florida robocall bill. Oklahoma is coming out with one as well. So we enable companies to do outbound calls, text emails in a compliant manner, whether it’s consented or not consented.

Can you tell us some history about the company?

Yeah, absolutely. So we started it natively, actually as a dynamics CRM powerhouse and partner, we branched into the contact center and product space about 15 years ago and we partner with some of the large contact center softwares. From there, we built out integrations into dynamics, started moving more when we saw the market shifting and compliance to really in the compliance space we adopted and built out Safe Select to combat being an auto dialer and removing the dialing technology but adding efficiency over a manual outbound solution. So better than outbound dialing, we brought that to market. Since then, we’ve seen the market shift a lot around TCPA. So for the last two or three years, there’s been a lot of litigation and things that have came out that have positioned Safe Select really to be the frontrunner in all of these upcoming states, be really the only compliant solutions that are on the market that’s available for non consented outbound or calls or text.

How did the company grow?

Yeah. So we grow mainly through partnerships. So we do a lot of partnerships with contact center technology and just companies that are running in and interacting with customers in either like a lead buying or call center space. So we’ve really done a lot of marketing in the partner space, built relationships between different groups. And that’s, that’s where we’ve grown the most, and then it’s definitely helped being partnerships with websites like TCPA World that are on the cutting edge of compliance. And this things happening in the industry that have allowed us to really get the name Safe Select out and grow in outbound compliance.

Any advice for others in the Mar-Tech space?

Yeah. So really my advice is to learn what options are and really learn the right way to know where your data is coming from. The biggest risk we see right now in the market is compliance and really falling outside of compliance. So if I fall outside of compliance, you know, the litigation and that just the fees are so big because we have a lot of people in the market that are taking an approach of how do I improve the lead source coming in? Really what we would like to do is see a lot more people looking at the technology standpoint for when I’m actually going to start making my outbound calls or text and see looking at that aspect. Fine tuning with some tools like Safe Select.

Can you walk us through your service?

So we’ll engage with customers from like a pre-sale standpoint on really a number of different ways, whether they’ve a lot of it is like a legal team or a sales team is wanting to branch out for their leads or they need. They don’t know if they’re meeting compliance. So we’ll help them understand what their current lead source look like. Make sure that it if it is compliant or not compliant and we actually help them through the process of how do you get that lead funnel and source into the tool? How do they set up and manage the cadence so that they can work with those leads, whether through text, whether through voice, and really the happiest customers for us are the ones that fully utilize our platform from both channels. So voice, SMS and even sprinkling in email so that they’re reaching customers at their preferred contact method. So if they are fully adopting those channels, we see a lot of benefit coming back from higher conversion rates, faster speed, the lead and just overall compliance and reducing the risk of litigation as well.

What is your unique solution?

So I’m going to sound like a bit of a broken record with that one, but the unique solution and how we position in the market is is Safe. Select. So what’s unique about is this the only solution that’s fully TCPA, Florida robocall, Oklahoma, compliant when doing an outbound call or text to a non consented lead.

What are some skills required to be successful in your industry?

Yeah, well awareness… I think if I was going to sit below that all the way down is awareness of where your leads are coming from, how best to reach and utilize technology to convert everybody who struggles with getting contacts to pick up the phone. So being able to utilize voice and text to get better conversion, get responses and drive traffic inbound. If you don’t first connect outbound. So just making sure that you’re aware of overall customer feel and how to reach out and convert those leads.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Reach out to us if there’s anything we can help you on the outbound space, whether in a compliant fashion or just outbound communication and lead conversion in general. We’re happy to talk to you and help out.

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