PolicyBind Ringba Testimonial Featuring Bill Somerville, Founder


PolicyBind Ringba Testimonial Featuring Bill Somerville, Founder

Find out what our friends at Policybind have to say about the Ringba platform.

Policybind specializes in consumer acquisition for the insurance industry with a focus on real time leads and inbound calls of people seeking quotes for all lines of insurance: Auto, Home, Health, Medicare, and Life Insurance.

Bill Somerville, Founder of PolicyBind


What is PolicyBind?

I am one of the founders of PolicyBind. We are a pay per call network for the insurance sector and our biggest verticals are medicare, auto insurance, health insurance, and life insurance.

What do you love most about Ringba?

The number one thing I love about Ringba is their support staff — really all their entire staff. They’re fantastic. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns — they’re always “Johnny on the spot”. They’re helping our business grow constantly by making introductions. They’re fantastic.

What is your favorite part of Affiliate Summit East 2022?

I think the best part was the Meet Market. Going in there to connect with old clients, new prospects, and seeing everyone face-to-face is huge rather than dealing with Skype or Zoom.


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