Pay Per Call Verticals & Industries


Pay Per Call Verticals & Industries

Call tracking is effective in any industry that receives inbound sales or service calls. Whether you are an independent sales representative, or a CMO at a public company, you should be using Ringba to optimize and track your call flow and return on investment. In this article, we’ll explore the most popular industries that can use Pay Per Call and our top tips for picking a pay per call vertical.

A vertical is the broad category of different types of businesses who are actively looking for inbound calls and leads.

Top Verticals our Customers Compete in:

– Auto Dealerships
– Auto Repair
– Credit Repair
– Debt Relief
– Merchant Services (Credit card processing)
– Mortgage
– Payday Loan
– Student Loan Consolidation (SLC)
– Tax Debt Relief
Home Services
– Appliance Repair
– Cable / Satellite TV
– Electrical
– Garage Door
– Home Cleaner / Maid
– Home Security
– Internet
– Lawncare
– Locksmith
– Pest Control
– Plumbing
– Roofing
– Solar
– Towing
– Tree Removal
Identity Theft
– Auto
– Health
– Home
– Life
IT Services
– Criminal
– Bankruptcy
– Divorce
– Family
– Medical
– Personal Injury
– Dental
– Diet / Weight Loss
– Drug Rehab
– Hair Removal
– Plastic Surgery

Tips for Picking a Pay Per Call Vertical

Having a solid understanding of the industry you are entering and the vertical you are choosing will save you enormous amounts of time when researching keywords, writing ad copy and buying traffic.

Pick a vertical that you have enough knowledge about to know what the customer experience feels like. If you don’t know what the customer experience feels like, you are going to have a tough time marketing to potentials callers and generating quality calls for your buyers.

Your ultimate goal is to offer a better experience than the average customer is used to so you can deliver highly-qualified leads to your clients.

Tip #1 – Pick a vertical you have personally experienced.
Tip #2 – Pick a vertical that you are already familiar with.
Tip #3 – Pick a vertical you can specialize in.
Tip #4 – Pick a vertical with enough callers / buyers in your target market.

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