Nearmap Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Tony Agresta, Executive Vice President at Nearmap


Nearmap Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Tony Agresta, Executive Vice President at Nearmap

Location intelligence is here with Nearmap!

Nearmap’s geospatial mapping technology allows you to fully immerse yourself in an actionable environment and virtually explore a world rich in the details that fuel confident decisions.


Tony Agresta, Executive Vice President, General Manager at Nearmap, Vice President of Sales


Can you please introduce yourself?

I’m Tony Agresta. I’m the executive vice president and general manager for Nearmap, North America. We’re an aerial mapping company, in essence: location intelligence. We fly planes and capture imagery at very high resolution, typically in the spring and in the fall for the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. And we publish the imagery within days of capture. Lots of different forms, vertical imagery, oblique imagery, and now we’ve introduced Nearmap AI. We’re always in the business of covering any catastrophe. We’ve done that in the US for a long time. You see an example of something here where as the skies clear our planes are deployed, we capture the imagery streaming into the cloud within a couple of days of capture.

Can you tell us some history about the company?

The company was founded in Australia. Our headquarters is in Sydney and we’ve been around for 15 years. We build our camera systems all the way from the ground up and do all the capture management and delivery of the imagery. We located in the US and expanded into the US in 2014 has been growing very steadily since then. And as I said, we also cover Canada and New Zealand as part of the geography that’s unique to Nearmap.

What was your business experience during covid-19?

So how is business during COVID 19? It was actually pretty good because here’s the thing. During COVID, everybody was inside, but they still had to do site location analysis. They had they still had to assess properties and pavement and infrastructure. And they did that with Nearmap from the comfort of their own desktop in their office. So no need to go ahead and requisition vehicles, put themselves at risk. They could do it all and keep all their work current.

 Any advice for others in the insurance space?

So I would say people in the insurance space, largely underwriting, claims, and any product innovation should be looking at products that speed up the entire process and mitigate risk. Most of the insurers that we’re meeting are interested in loss analytics, which you can derive from Nearmap, including our AI, where we’ve derived hundreds of different attributes about properties in the landscape, for they’re going ahead and embedding our imagery inside of their real time systems for claims and underwriting. So Nearmap could be done streamed into your products, could be delivered on site or is delivered through map browser. And you see an example of it here. And again, the post cat product is, you know, a great product for insurers because they’re going to get the imagery right after the catastrophe takes place.

 What is your unique solution?

Yeah, this is this is high resolution aerial mapping with location, intelligence through our AI offering that has wide scale coverage and is instantly accessible immediately from within map browser or streamed into your own solution. Very unique. Given the fact the coverage is so widespread and we’ve got breadth of imagery from source photos, oblique imagery, panoramic imagery, vertical imagery, 3D imagery which can be exported and used in other products and now the AI offerings.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Growing fast. The growth is largely attributable to a focus in insurance, government and our all other commercial sector, which is largely engineering, construction and solar. We’ve organized our teams to focus on those three markets and everybody else around them.

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