Experlogix Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Pamela Velentzas and Anthony Mansour, Head of Marketing and Business Development Manager at Experlogix


Experlogix Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Pamela Velentzas and Anthony Mansour, Head of Marketing and Business Development Manager at Experlogix

Elevate your customer engagement with Experlogix.

Experlogix is a global leader in CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and document generation and automation solutions, with thousands of customers worldwide in a variety of industries.


Pamela Velentzas, Head of Marketing at Experlogix
Anthony Mansour, Business Development Manager at Experlogix


Can you introduce yourselves?

Hi. I’m Anthony Mansour, I take care of business partners that we have worldwide. I’m Pamela Valentzas and I head up the marketing department at Experlogix.

Can you tell us about your company? 

The company has two products CPQ, Configure, Price, Quote and document automation means we generate documents and we do the automation of the flow of the document. What do you do? What’s the document generated?

Can you tell us some history about the company?

Sure. So Experlogix has been around since the early 2000’s. So we’re about over 20 years and the CPQ in the document automation space and we really help companies or organizations like simplify complex business processes.

What is your unique solution

So we have two solutions to them we go to market with, but specifically for insurance companies, we have a solution called document automation that enables that the optimization or the acceleration of their customer communications, right? So and we have a unique template design designer, sorry, that enables carriers and MG and brokers to actually design and create a template based out of Microsoft Word and then able to execute that template and send it out to a policyholder at the end.

What was your business experience during covid-19?

It improved a lot because as people working from home companies need to automate processes. So again, all even big companies still using a lot of paper processes, they had to go to digital and had to do things automated and, yeah. Yeah. I think it really accelerated the whole the digital transformation trend, right. So we’re seeing, you know, clients or prospective clients who maybe weren’t ready to go for the social gars like speed up that process because they needed to communicate to their customers remotely when the pandemic hit. So it really accelerated our business.

Any advice for others in the insurance space?

Insurance industry is known for documents, information and needs. We created tons of it. This way we can automate the whole process at any time. You communicating either internally or externally in the company you’re exchanging the document could be policies, could be claims, could be statements. All of that could be automated. Very, very simply push of a button. Yeah. And I think now, you know, I think just going back to what we said before, I think companies or, you know, insurance in general, they need to really embrace a digital transformation. There’s so many great technologies out there that will help improve and streamline business processes. So now is the time to really start investigating that type of technology.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We love what we do. Visit eperlogix.com for more info.

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