Diablo Media Ringba Testimonial Featuring Susannah Rayburn, General Manager, Affiliate Network



Learn what our friends at Diablo Media have to say about Ringba’s customer service and why they love using our technology to power their business.

Diablo Media is a forward-thinking performance marketing agency focused on igniting the connection between brands and their consumers.

Susannah Rayburn, General Manager, Afffiliate Network


Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Susannah Rayburn, I work with Diablo Media and run the affiliate network. We operate an affiliate network as well as our own properties.

What do you love most about Ringba?

What I love about Ringba is the IVR system as well as the reporting. It also has a really wonderful API with our own system — we have a proprietary tracking platform and it integrates with our tracking platform quite well and we love that a lot.

What problems have you solved with Ringba?

We really needed a better reporting system and Ringba really solved our issue with that. Being able to see reports, tracking and also having it integrated with our own propritary platform was huge for us.


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