Networking Groups for Pay Per Call


Networking Groups for Pay Per Call

Looking to connect and network with other professionals in the Call Marketing Industry? You’re in the right place! – The Only Forum Dedicated to the Pay Per Call Community is the only forum exclusively dedicated to the Pay Per Call Community. Our goal to bring together the growing community of Pay Per Call experts to share experiences, resources, links, guides, and help the industry as a whole grow. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have been running campaigns for years. Our members have made millions of dollars with Pay Per Call and the Pay Per Callers community is where you will learn how to do the same.

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The best way to participate in any community is to be active and share your knowledge with others. This can be a simple tip or a complete in-depth guide. Either way, sharing your experience will help grow your personal brand while also helping others find news ways to be successful. A true win-win.

Here are some examples of how to participate and what to write:

– Guides / Tutorials
– Campaign Insights
– Resource Collections
– Infographics
– Network & Traffic Source Reviews
– Buy and Sell in the Marketplace

Want sneak peak? Check out some of these awesome Pay Per Callers threads:

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List of Call Center / Customer Service Blogs
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More Communities, Groups, and Forums for Pay Per Call Marketers

Need to meet some folks in the call marketing industry? Ringba’s curated collection of marketing forums and networking groups is the perfect place to get started.

Marketing Forums

A Best Web
Adult Media Buys
Aff daily
Aff Playbook
Affiliate Fix
Digital Point Forum
Mailer Forum
Offer Blu
Offer Vault
PPC Coach
Stack That Money
Warrior Forum

Facebook Groups

Pay Per Call Mastermind
Pay Per Call Group
Pay Per Call Affiliates
The Pay Per Call Group
Pay Per Call
Affiliate Nation
Aff Wired
Convert2Media (C2M)
Dating Industry
The Super Affiliates

LinkedIn Groups

Affiliate Marketing
All About Ad-Networks
AM Global
AM Managers
Call Center Best Practices
Call Center BPO World
Call Center Campaign Opportunities
Call Center IQ
Call Center Planet
Call Center Professionals
Call Center Pros
Call Centre Community (UK)
Contact Center & Call Center
Cost Per Install Mobile
CPA Marketing
Digital Marketing Masters
Digital Media Buyers
Digital SEO / SEM
Downloadable Software
eCommerce Marketing
ExchangeWire – Ad Buying
Gaming Affiliates
Lead Generators
Marketing Pros
Media Buyer & Sellers
Media Buying Traffic
Mobile Pay Per Call
Online Ad Professionals
Online Lead Generation
Online Marketing
Pay Per Call Advertisers
Pay Per Call Market
Pay Per Call Marketing
Pay Per Call Pubs
Pay Per Call Solutions
Performance Marketing
Philippines Call Center Professionals
PM Professionals
Programmatic Ad Trading

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