Aetna Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Jamie Sarno, National Sales Director


Aetna Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Jamie Sarno, National Sales Director

Ringba sat down with National Sales Director for Ancillary Products, Jamie Sarno, at Medicarians 2022 to talk about what Aetna does and offers. Check out this Industry Spotlight!

Aetna is committed to providing individuals, employers, health care professionals and producers with innovative benefits, products and services.


Jamie Sarno, National Sales Director


Can you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

My name is Jamie Sarno. I’m with Access Medicare Advisors and I’m a National Sales Director with Aetna Senior Supplemental.

Can you tell us more about your company?

Aetna Senior Supplemental, lots of people out there know    Aetna as the leader in Medicare supplements, but they’re also a leader in their ancillary products. They products for hospital indemnity, short term nursing home, assisted living, home healthcare, cancer, final expense, and dental, vision, hearing. So there’s a massive portfolio of products that Aetna brings to the table, and with the Aetna name, you can not go wrong with that. Its a household name, everyone loves Aetna and Aetna means security and that your going to be protected no matter what happens to you.

What brings you to Medicarians 2022?

Oh, it is a great place to regroup with people that we have not seen in a few years. You learn a lot from the experiences that everyone  brings to the table here you’ve got individuals who have been in this industry now, with Medicare, for 50 years. So, its amazing, you learn a lot, and you get to old friends and make new friends.

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