3 Reasons Why Pay Per Callers Need To Use Social Media


3 Reasons Why Pay Per Callers Need To Use Social Media

Social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snap, TikTok, and Pinterest provide quality click-to-call traffic for targeted campaigns, and when utilized correctly can be cost-effective, hyper-targeted and provide instant access to potential customers.

When developing a social media campaign, it’s imperative to have meaningful creative or strong copy to engage and convince a potential customer to convert. Using a carefully constructed social media strategy for Pay Per Call is a critical tool to help expose your business to countless potential clients. Here’s why marketers should use social media in their pay per call campaigns.


Paid social media campaigns do cost money, but it’s worth it. Social media campaigns are cost-effective because the effort that you put into a campaign is directed to the niche audience that will ultimately garner more leads and more money in your pocket when compared to organic social media posts.

Though results vary by platform, overall the ROI is pretty impressive. Take Facebook for example, advertisers achieve average conversion rates of 9.21 percent, so for every 100 Facebook ad interactions, nine will convert into a lead or sale.

Audience Targeting

Proper targeting of an audience that’s potentially interested in your product is a MUST. There are various factors that play into your campaign strategy, the way you write your copy and how you design your creative. You can target by age, location, demographic, but however you decide to target your campaign, make sure your creative and copy is relatable to your targeted audience. You can find out who your target audience is with Ringba, because we seamlessly integrate with all of the major advertising platforms and ship your conversion data in real-time.

Access to Potential Customers

As a one-click culture, properly curated social media campaigns allow your targeted audience instant access to your brand. For example, click-to-call buttons and swipe up features that lead to your website on a targeted ad direct a potential customer straight to your brand. The more leads you generate through targeted social media campaigns with easy access to your service or product will convert to more conversions. Whether the potential customer is interested in learning more about your product or service or is interested in buying your product or service, make it as easy as possible to connect through instant access.

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