Visiqua Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring David Walsh, President and Founder at Visiqua


Visiqua Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring David Walsh, President and Founder at Visiqua

Visiqua prides itself in ingenuity when it comes to performance marketing.

Visiqua aims to replace the black box of performance advertising with a transparent, data-driven solution for modern marketers.

David Walsh, President and Founder at Visiqua


Can you tell us about the company?

Yeah. My name’s David Walsh. I’m co-founder and president of Visiqua. This causes seven year old lead generator publisher and technology company started the business was my business partners back in July of 2015 initially started in what today we call the click space, which is really us pushing traffic to advertisers branded experiences. From there, we started building our own websites, started generating our own data, selling that data to call centers. And we got into the call broker business and started developing our own tech to support all of those platforms.

Any advice for others in the Mar-Tech space?

It depends on the direction you go. If you’re going to be a media company, stay small, stay lean, hire people you trust. For you to be a technology company, develop as fast as you can and take things to market before they’re ready. Because perfect products take too long to develop.

What is your unique solution?

So the thing that we’re developing towards it’s a little bit unique in the marketplace is really performance marketing in a box. There historically has been kind of black box affiliate agencies. So you go to them, they generate leads for you, they generate calls for you, they broker you don’t really have a lot of insight or there have been technology companies, right? There have been people like Leadspedia or Ringba, Invoca that help individuals manage those businesses. Well, we’re looking to do really in a in a market addressing way so with agents real estate agents and a direct insurance agents in a direct environment, is give them the ability to run their own marketing campaigns. And if those marketing campaigns generate things they can’t monetize, we’ll buy them and monetize them for them. So it’s a little bit different in that we’re not chasing as many enterprise solutions. We’re really focused on that kind of mid-level distributed agent and doing more for them than, say, an ever quote or a data lot. What do you know? Those companies typically will just sell them leads or calls. We want to give people the ability to generate them themselves, to build their own websites and to tie it all together in one environment.

What are some skills required to be successful in your industry?

You got to be persistent and you’ve got to be willing to look at things from different angles. You know, a lot of the same problems are going to come up day in and day out. They may come at you in waves. There may be scenes from year to year, but being able to look at them from through different lenses, being able to trust other people’s perspectives and allow them to talk to you about why you either don’t understand or or why what you think is not the correct approach, that openness and collaborative approach is really important because what you’ll see is history really repeat itself, and I’ll give you an example this. I’ve been doing this for 20 years and when I was young and doing it in the call space or in the lead space, this revolutionary ping tree technology came out. And really what that enabled people to do was route leads to the right people make the most money and that was 15 years ago two or three years ago we saw that come to market with call ping trees and beginning to root there. So that’s looking at an old technology through a new lens and applying it to a medium that didn’t exist 15 years ago, which was the call business. So, you know, certainly Ringba’s got a call picking through technology. There are a few others out there. But, you know, the ability to look at it through that lens and apply an old solution to a new method, that sort of thinking really helps.

Anything else you would like to add? 

You know, I think, you know, just thank you for the opportunity to talk about what we do. And, you know, that’s kind of nice to see the show here in Denver, double in size from the last time we were here. So, you know, thanks for me as a Denver company thanks to everybody who came to visit.

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