4 Ways to Utilize Social Media for Pay Per Call Campaigns


4 Ways to Utilize Social Media for Pay Per Call Campaigns

Millions and millions of people are on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram every day. Social media connects users with their interests and you can utilize these platforms to optimize nearly any Pay Per Call campaign for nearly any type of business.

Personalize Experience

Use the data Ringba garners to hone in on potential customers’ interests. Then, when they reach out to you through a PPC ad, you will be able to personalize the interaction, which can help them feel more comfortable moving forward with your product or business. When creating a personalized experience, keep in mind that organic content works well when you’re trying to relate to potential customers.

Use Organic Content

The foundation of most digital marketing strategies is organic content, because it’s one of the best ways to foster connections with customers.

You can do this by:
Sharing tips, tricks, and strategies.
Sharing inspiring stories or industry information.
Supporting your customers as they interact with your content
Posting regularly and following a schedule.
Experimenting with new content types like videos and podcasts.

Seeing this content in their timeline will give prospective customers more confidence in your brand and ultimately push customers to engage with you throughout their buying journey.

Use Incentives

Using incentives draws in an audience. Doing giveaways or providing a discount opportunity will give potential customers a bigger push to engage with your business or product. Whether you stick with organic or paid content, maintaining the brand while doing the giveaway is important.

Track Campaign Engagement

Be sure to track the success or challenges your campaigns are facing on social media. This way you can optimize your campaigns to maximize conversions. This is particularly important with paid social media campaigns. When you pay Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or any other platform to “boost” content to specific, interested new audiences, you need to know how your ad spend will impact your conversions. Without an effective way to track your calls and conversions, you will be left in the dark — and as a marketer, that’s not where you want to be.

In addition to social media scheduling tools, call tracking software like Ringba can help you determine which social channels are performing best and generating the best calls.

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