BrokerCalls Ringba Testimonial Featuring Stephen Little, Director of Business Development


BrokerCalls Ringba Testimonial Featuring Stephen Little, Director of Business Development

Find out why BrokerCalls loves using the Ringba platform and how they use call reporting to protect their brand.

BrokerCalls is a performance marketing agency that specializes in buying and selling live inbound phone calls.

Stephen Little, Director of Business Development at BrokerCalls.


What is BrokerCalls?

My name is Stephen Little, I’m the Director of Business Development for BrokerCalls. We are an affiliate who buys and sells calls.

What do you love most about Ringba?

I have to say the reporting aspect of Ringba. You can cross-reference different data, you can find holes very very quickly. Instead of going out and hiring people, it allows you to bring that stuff in-house so things can be very efficient. You gotta have that when you’re in the call game. If you don’t, then you’re left hung out to dry and you’ll lose clients very quickly. We’re very grateful for you guys.

What problems have you solved with Ringba?

I don’t mean to piggyback and use my first answer for as my second but it’s true! That reporting aspect is huge for us. A lot of times, buyers will have complaints — sometimes they’re true, sometimes they’re not, from the length of the call to quality. Ringba cuts all that out. I can pull a report very quickly, I can send that to the buyer and say “hey man, this is what we see, why don’t you give us a disposition report and cross-reference it”. So to answer you’re question directly, the reporting protects our reputation ultimately

What is your favorite part of Affiliate Summit East 2022?

Honestly, I don’t think I was expecting this many people to be here so I was thrilled. Obviously with covid going on, things have slowed down a lot the past couple years but there is a ton of stuff going on now.


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