Express Revenue Ringba Testimonial Featuring Jake Kauffman, President and CEO


Express Revenue Ringba Testimonial Featuring Jake Kauffman, President and CEO

Learn how Express Revenue broke into the pay per call space with the help of Ringba and our amazing support team.

Express Revenue is CPA affiliate marketing network founded in 2008 on the ideals of dedicated and individualized service, diversification of options, security to all parties involved, and transparent integrity.

Jake Kauffman, President and CEO


Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Jake Kauffman, I’m the President of Express Revenue and we’re a CPA affiliate marketing network.

What do you love most about Ringba?

We love Ringba, it’s easy to use. Great customer service, any time you have a problem, they will literally hold your hand if you need and show you how to accomplish the solution. You have a dedicated rep you can message on skype, call or other avenues any time you want. Very friendly. They have a great group chat, great support team and really all the tools you need to get into pay per call.

What problems have you solved with Ringba?

Ringba actually helps us out a lot. We’re brand new to the pay per call space. We’ve been doing traditional affiliate marketing for years and we really wanted to break in. Ringba’s support team really helped us get that going, showed us the ways, taught us what makes sense and what doesn’t. And they basically held our hands to get us started on the pay per call side and it’s been exploding ever since.


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