ConnectureDRX Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Susan Plumer, Vice President of Sales


ConnectureDRX Ringba Industry Spotlight Featuring Susan Plumer, Vice President of Sales

ConnectureDRX lives and breathes Medicare. They have a focus on simplicity while quickly delivering the most accurate info to their agents to ensure everyone has the Medicare plan that fits them best.

ConnectureDRX connects carriers, agents and consumers through innovative technologies that simplify complex healthcare choices, empower consumers to make informed decisions and enable customers’ growth.


Susan Plumer, Vice President of Sales


Can you please introduce yourself and what you do?

Susan Plumer. I am the Vice president of sales and market leader for ConnectureDRX.

Can you tell us more about your company?

So ConnectureDRX is the market leader in quoting, shopping, and enrollment for Medicare. We eat, sleep and dream about ways to simplify the Medicare process in choosing a Medicare plan for seniors. We have hundreds of thousands of agents that rely on us every day to make sure that they are giving the right data, the right information to their seniors to make sure that they get in the best fit plan for them. Our mission is really to simplify the process to make sure that we connect with seniors in the way that they want to be connected, whether it is online, in person or on the phone. So we offer a omnichannel approach to what we do. We also are very proud of the fact that we offer seniors the broadest choice in plans So we work with over two – we like to consider ourselves as like the matchmaker of Medicare. So we connect carriers with agents, with seniors and we have over 200 carriers on our platform with over 6000 choices of plans to present to seniors. We are also getting into the value based care market, which will connect, make sure that we connect agents with the right providers to make sure that seniors are getting the best care possible.

What brings you to Medicarians 2022?

So we, like I said, we eat, sleep and dream Medicare and this conference is has most of our customers here. So it is a way for us to connect with our customers, see them in person. Our customers are one of our greatest assets. They, we are only here because of them. They drive our product roadmap, and we’re also here to kind of show off the new things that we’re doing, the new things that are coming for AEP and make sure that everyone knows that we are the market leader and we are the most innovative and creative in the Medicare space.

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