Generating Calls with Paid Ads


Generating Calls with Paid Ads

Buying ad traffic is the best way to immediately begin driving calls to your clients. Digital advertising is a vast landscape with unparalleled targeting options, dozens of ad formats and thousands of different traffic sources.

If you’ve never run an ad campaign before, you might get discouraged when you first get started. Advertising can be a tough nut to crack and you may not see the results you want right away.

Keep testing.

With every ad campaign you run, your goal is to drive the user to pick up their phone and call your client.

This is the fundamental difference between buying traffic for clicks and buying traffic for calls. You need to show your ads to the type of people who are most likely to need to client’s services and take action by calling.

It’s important to understand that ad platforms and traffic networks are not meant to maximize your ad spend and ROI, their only goal is to maximize their own ad inventory and make as much money as they can from their advertisers.

They don’t care how much you are paying them for your ad/click/impression/whatever, they care how much money they are making across their entire platform on average per ad they show to their users.

This means that the ads that yield the highest eCPM are the ads that Google, Facebook and everyone else wants being shown to their users and getting paid for.

You can make a serious impact in how you advertise by brute force testing large amounts of ad copy to find the ads which have the highest Click-Through-Rate or (CTR).

Ads that have extremely high CTR will actually cost you less per click, guarantee the ad is shown more in the better spots, and make the ad platform the most money.

When you are running campaigns, creating ads and writing copy, you need to comfortable with split-testing hundreds (or even thousands) of variations in your ad copy to see what truly generates the highest click-through-rate at the lowest cost.

This is where most marketers fail; it’s a lot of work, a lot of struggle, a lot of failure, but the end result is typically where all the profit is made.

If you can’t outsmart your competitors, you can absolutely out-work them. Your competitor’s laziness can be your competitive advantage — but only if you’re not lazy too. 😉

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