Load Balancing for Call Centers


Load Balancing for Call Centers

Running a successful call center can be a challenge — especially if you aren’t using the right tools to power your business and route calls to your live agents.

With Ringba’s advanced call routing features, you can keep your agents at maximum capacity; reducing abandons and monetizing every call that comes through your contact center.

What is Load Balancing?

Load balancing is the process of optimizing the distribution or “flow” of call traffic. For contact centers, this means routing calls to the most optimal target / destination.

This involves a lot of factors, including;

Hours – What are the operating hours for your call center?
Agents – How many people are available to service calls?
Capacity – How many calls can your agents service at once.
Geolocation – Where is your call center located geographically?

When agents are overloaded with calls, everyone loses. You lose money, the agent is overwhelmed and your caller is left unsatisfied and unhappy.

Load-balancing routes your call overflow to agents who are available, reduces caller wait time, improves agent productivity, ensures calls are serviced in a timely manner and leave you free to run your contact center a peak proficiency.

With your call flow effectively load balanced, you are in the position to optimize run your contact center at peak efficiency. Call routing and load balancing is essential to overall call center efficiency and caller satisfaction.

Load Balancing with Ringba

Ringba was specifically designed to provide call centers with the tools they need to optimize their call flow and load balance their call traffic.

Create dynamic routing plans for your campaigns based on schedule, concurrency, volume caps, productivity, and performance. Virtually eliminate abandons by monitoring your available agents and automatically route your overflow to call buyers and marketplaces to reclaim lost revenue.

Monitor groups of agents across numerous campaigns making sure to never overload your team and gives you the flexibility to adjust your concurrency in real-time. Arm your team leaders and floor managers today with the ability to help maximize your revenues and stop wasting calls now.

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