Ring Tree®

Instantly integrate with the world's largest call buyers inside your own private real-time bidding marketplace. The future of pay per call is here.


Build Your Call Marketplace Without a Single Developer

We spent millions of dollars perfecting our RTB technology so you don't have to write even one line of code.

Instant Integration

Connect to any programmatic call buyer API in minutes with our simple GUI.

Real-Time Bidding

Sell your calls to the highest bidder with our automated RTB technology.

Buyer Self-Service

Create your own network of micro call buyers without the need for account managers.

Unlimited Scale

Integrate with one or ten thousand call buyers, the sky’s the limit.

High-Speed Trading Meets Pay Per Call

Our programmatic call trading technology is revolutionizing how entire industries buy and sell their calls.

Gone are the days of manual business development. Leave your competitors in the dust by programmatically managing your call flow.

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Improve ROI With Programmatic Call Distribution

Ringba's Ring Tree® gives you the power to maximize your margin on every call.

Demographic Based Bidding

Allow your buyers to bid based on caller demographic, location data, and more.

Earnings Per Call Optimization

Let Ringba automatically improve your EPC with our Artificial Intelligence.

Automated Billing

Manage your entire accounts receivables process with our automated billing.

The Fastest Technology in the Business

With Ringba's Real-Time Ring Tree® you will gain access to an entire ecosystem that was previously beyond your reach.

Real-Time Bidding

Allow your buyers to bid on every call in real-time.

Automated Yield Management

Automatically route your call based on the highest predicted return on investment.

Easy Integrations

Instantly map and integrate with any programmatic buyer interface.

Custom Event Handlers

Granularly control your call flow with rules, limits, filters, bids, and more.

Buyer Self-Service

Manage a massive network of self-serve buyers without the overhead.

Billing Management

Automate the entire billing process with your buyers.

Flexible Routing Engine

Use Ring Tree® with your direct buyers, IVRs, and other routing plans.

Improve ROI With Programmatic Call Distribution

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