3 Benefits of Using Click-to-Call Links


3 Benefits of Using Click-to-Call Links

If used correctly, Click-To-Call Links lead to more calls, increase conversions and make the customer experience easier. Here are what Click-to-Call Links look like and the 3 benefits of using Click-to-Call Links.


What a Click-to-Call Link Actually Looks Like

When placing a phone number on a website, many businesses often make the mistake of not hyperlinking their phone number which ultimately results in less calls. A click to call hyperlink is formatted by adding “tel:” before the phone number. For example, “tel:+18005551234”. Then, we take that call URL and insert it into a standard link’s ‘href’ option.

Here’s what a complete click-to-call hyperlink looks like:
<a href=”tel:+18005551234″>(800) 555-1234</a>

Now, when a user visits your website and clicks on the phone number, it will automatically take them to their phone app so they can call you.

Click-To-Call Links Lead to More Calls

Without a doubt, websites with Click-To-Calls generate significantly more phone call leads than websites that use plain-text to display their numbers. If you want to generate more calls, you should ABSOLUTELY be using click-to-call links on your websites and landing pages. The reason for this is the huge number of potential customers that are viewing your website on a mobile device.

Click-To-Call Links Make the Customer Experience Easier

Using click-to-call links gives potential customers the ability to connect with you immediately. They don’t have to write down or remember your phone number, instead they can simply click the link and connect with your business.

Click-To-Call Links Increase Conversions

When you make it easy for your customers to connect with you, you will undoubtedly experience an increase in conversions. A seamless customer experience goes a long way to turning a website visitor into a live caller and finally, converting them to a customer.

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