3 Call Flows You Need to Know


3 Call Flows You Need to Know

Good call flows can lead to more conversions for Pay Per Callers, especially when using call tracking software to ensure the quality of those call flows. Here are 3 types of call flows that Ringba can help optimize.


Direct Buyer Call Flows

If you’re working with a direct buyer, you’ve got your call tracking all setup, this is how the most simple call flow works. When a consumer sees an advertisement and calls your tracking number, that call gets routed to a buyer. They answer the phone, and if the criteria is met, the affiliate or the publisher gets a commission and Ringba tracks all of that for you.

IVR Input Qualification Flow

When the customer is presented with an IVR, which stands for Interactive Voice Response, they’re given a couple of choices like press one, press two, press three, etc. And based on the caller’s response, whatever they enter into the IVR, Ringba determines whether the call is qualified or not. So if it’s a debt call, and we’re asking if the caller has more then $10,000 in unsecured credit card debt, if they have that they press one which means it’s qualified, and if they don’t, they press two, and it’s not qualified. Then the qualified call is forwarded to a buyer, and then the affiliate gets credit or commission for that call.

Warm Transfer Call Flow

With Warm Transfer Call Flows, a consumer sees an advertisement and calls the affiliates tracking number, then the first call center (the qualifying call center) answers the phone. There could be a conversion event during this first answered call, but it depends on the campaign. The agent that answers that call asks a list of questions to qualify the caller for the campaign. If the customer is qualified, the call gets transferred to a second call center. After the call handoff and if the customer meets requirements, there’s another possible conversion event. Typically in a warm transfer, the conversion event is on the transfer. After it gets transferred, the affiliate usually receives their credit, and maybe the first call center.

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