3 Reasons Affiliate Marketers should look into Pay Per Call


3 Reasons Affiliate Marketers should look into Pay Per Call

Want sustainable campaigns with better payouts and less competition? Here’s how Pay Per Call is helping affiliate marketers.

Less Competition

Getting a consumer to pick up the phone and dial requires a creative mind to generate enough urgency to cause action. This means you can’t simply copy and paste someone else’s campaign and it will work. With pay per call you must be creative, persistent and use all kinds of technology for automation to find success ,and because of this complexity there is less competition in the marketplace.

More Sustainable

The best part of pay per call campaigns is that once they get started, they generally last for months or even years. Most affiliate campaigns start to fail quickly due to competition or changes in offers. However, this rarely happens with pay per call campaigns. Why? Because advertiser demand never changes and almost all pay per call campaigns are very high value branded campaigns. Investing in pay per call means building a long-term sustainable future for your business.

Better Payouts

The highest intent consumer is someone who is on the phone and ready to buy. This means that businesses will pay a significant premium for this kind of customer. Generally speaking, payouts on pay per call campaigns are much higher than clicks or leads and are much easier to convert than expensive straight sale campaigns.

If you are looking for new opportunities as an affiliate, take a look at pay per call for your next campaign. If you’d like to learn more, check out Ringba’s masterclass and our other videos and you can quickly become an expert in the space.

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