3 Reasons Digital Marketing Agencies Love Ringba


3 Reasons Digital Marketing Agencies Love Ringba

Having accurate data and conversion metrics enhances your marketing efforts. Seeing what’s working and what’s not is the best way to optimize your campaigns. And the best way to see what’s working is to use call tracking software, like Ringba.

While there are other companies out there that offer call analytics, most of them fall short, not giving you all the data you need to succeed.

In the video below, we tell you the 3 reasons digital marketing agencies love Ringba.

Insights to top-performing campaigns

Ringba gives you the insights you need the most from the potential customer’s first interaction with your campaign(s). By adding a Javascript code to your websites, you can see your customer’s complete journey. Ringba’s Javascript code helps you see how your calls are being generated whether it was by source, keyword or ad campaign. This information will help you find what’s working and what’s not and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Partner Management

With Ringba you can easily manage all your client campaigns, give them an interface to login with and view their own call reporting, update settings and more! You can even white label your website so it looks like the agency’s own software.

Make it Custom

Ringba’s White Label solution provides full customization with custom colors, branding, logo, and domain — all for free — providing a fully immersive custom experience to your clients. In only a few minutes you can fully customize the look and feel of your portal using our painless visual editor, and even host it on your own domain name so your customer never leave your website.

Your brand is important, and when someone encounters your brand online for the first time you want a customized, branded and seamless experience. With Ringba’s White Label functionality, you can power your entire Pay Per Call network with our fully customizable platform and provide your potential customers with a seamless branded experience.

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