3 Reasons Why Financial Services Companies Need Call Tracking


3 Reasons Why Financial Services Companies Need Call Tracking

Financial services can be some of the most complex and important buying decisions for a consumer. Because of this, many potential customers need to speak with a real human to get answers to their questions. It’s almost inevitable that someone is going to pick up the phone.

For financial services companies, this can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you have ample opportunity to engage with and provide expert advice to a client but also a curse because many companies are flying blind when it comes to tracking and attributing phone calls to marketing campaigns.

In the video below, we’ll explain why financial services need call tracking.

Improve your customer experience

The best way to improve your customer experience is to know what they’re experiencing. Sounds simple right? And with the right tool, it is.

With Ringba’s call tracking you can listen to recordings, coach your sales people and do a better job of presenting your brand with things like custom recordings and voicemails. You can easily create custom IVRs so your customers feel like they’re interacting with actual people instead of machines. You can also use menu options to ensure you are targeting the right customers in the correct city, state, or zip code so your service actually meets the customer’s needs.

Leverage analytics to better understand customers’ needs and wants

Call tracking technology like Ringba gives you the ability to track which keywords generate calls from ad campaigns, an unlimited number of URL parameters, and automatically captures native customer data about your callers like their city, state, and zip code, their browser, device type, wireless carrier and more. You can then use this valuable data to better refine and optimize your campaigns.

Identify your best leads and target them

Ringba’s dynamic number pools give a unique phone number to every user. This helps you find where your callers are calling from. Those calls get attributed to the user’s session information giving you detailed tracking information about the source of the user so you can further optimize your campaigns. Ringba tracks all impression data whether a user calls or doesn’t, which means you can gain even deeper insight by viewing reports based on keywords and other criteria to see who did call, who didn’t call, and adjust your advertising campaign targeting accordingly.

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