4 Great Ways to find Pay Per Call Offers


4 Great Ways to find Pay Per Call Offers

Are you tired of grinding the same old campaigns? In the video below, we share 4 awesome ways you can find new pay per call offers and opportunities. It’s easier than you think!

The best thing about the Pay Per Call industry is that Everyone. Always. Wants. MORE CALLS.

Pay Per Callers are always open to developing relationships with new partners. If you are looking to buy or sell calls, here are a few places to begin your search.

Pay Per Callers Community

Did you know that Ringba’s runs the world’s largest community of pay per call professionals? It’s true! In fact, multi-million dollar businesses have been built out of connections made in our communities.

Here at Ringba, we’re committed to growing the pay per call industry as a whole and that means doing everything in our power to help everyone grow a successful pay per call business.

OfferVault Pay Per Call

OfferVault is a household name in the internet marketing space. They work with performance marketing companies to list their current offers. It’s a fantastic place to start researching offers. Simply click on the “Pay Per Call Offers” tab to find offers and payout information.

Ask for Direct Referrals

A fantastic way to find new business partners is by leveraging your existing networks to ask for referrals. The Ringba team does this all the time for our clients. If you’re looking for introductions to new buyers and sellers, reach out to your account manager, let them know what you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to match you with the right pay per call business partner.


Ringba maintains exceptional relationships with all the major Pay Per Call Networks. Get direct introductions to the top account managers and fast track your application. Visit the site, select the networks you want to work with, submit the form, and that’s it!

At Ringba, our customers are our #1 priority and our favorite thing in the world is helping clients become successful. Visit Ringba.com to learn more and talk to the Ringba team today!

P.S. We share the hottest pay per call offers and trending campaigns every week on The Pay Per Call Report.

“Pay Per Call Explained” is Ringba’s beginner-friendly series about all things pay per call. Learn about how pay per call works, why it’s important, how to use call tracking for success, and more!

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